Exhibitions & Events

Spring 2019

Zutphen Prison: In March & April, a series of workshops, and a performance dinner that is also a film shoot will take place at the Dutch prison in Zutphen in collaboration with TAAK, Femke Kaulingsfrek, Young In Prison and prison staff and detainees.

Summer 2019

Amsterdam: A performance dinner that is also a film shoot will take place with gatekeepers of the Dutch justice system. More info TBA.

Fall 2019

a Feast Forum Beyond Prisons : Transversal Scepters – a trans-historical science fiction menu is a fundraiser, a collective performance art dinner theater and conference focusing on the Los Angeles social-political and arts activism with trans-historical prison reform and abolition.

Dec 1, 2018 through Feb 28, 2019

Curtilage  – solo exhibition / public art project

In this age of technological transformation, privacy and its boundaries are increasingly being redefined and reduced. Exploring the imaginative space of law, and the public/private space of

Continuing in her use of non-linear, transmedia narrative, Juliacks will present site-specific work, created in Colorado Springs’ Divine Redeemer neighborhood. Hanging abstract textiles will block the windows of the home of The Yard. One inflated glob will roll over the earth. At night, the globule will be illuminated by a projection of thermal videos taken of the house and its neighboring dwellings.

Oct 13 & 14, 2018

Transversal Scepters : Theatrical Presentation at Directors Weekend : Women Center Stage in collaboration with performer/artist Laura Linda Miller, composer Brian Morales, choreographer Julia Bengtsson, Projection Designer Lars Berg, Cellist Sam Chung, Dancers Cara Treacy and Abby Marchesseault, additional music by Emilia Pennanen and Peter Larsson

March 2018

Supercedents Exhibit at Ornis A Gallery

Video works made at De Koepel prison in Haarlem, as well as a 2d cell animation made in collaboration with Peter Larsson and Emilia Pennanen were presented in this weekend solo exhibition.

March 2017

a dual exhibition taking place at Ornis A. Gallery March 4- April 1, Innardz of an Uprise, in Amsterdam. and Antecedents within the context of Haarlemse Lente, festival of contemporary art from 24-26 March in Haarlem. The latter presentation will be at the 17th century weigh house building, a historical witness to the spreading of ideas on ‘Boeventucht’ and the fates of Jan Gillissen and his fellow prisoners at the Spaarne.